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An Elegy For is BOBBIE’s first EP. A collection of tender and wistful ballads that tell the tale of her

thwarted love. They are inspired by the style of folk songs of the 1970s. The artist describes a

sensitive female fgure searching for unconditional love; a woman wearied by the push and pull of

a foundering relationship. BOBBIE wanted this EP to have an intimacy. Her voice, both

touching and magnetic, lends a pure quality to the songs without betraying their raw emotion.

The self-taught guitarist poetically lays out the naked truth in this cathartic EP, which recounts the

diffculties faced in separating yourself from the one you love.

It was through her collaboration with Sebastian Gohier, producer and sound engineer at Studios

de la Seine, that BOBBIE managed to fnd the perfect sound. In order to preserve the authentic

nature of her songs, the production methods they used were inspired by those employed in the

1960s and 70s. BOBBIE and her 1947 Martin Guitar were recorded simultaneously, without the

use of headphones or any measured rhythm.

The songs describe, in reverse chronological order, the different stages of grief encountered when

a relationship ends: the powerful memories of a sleepless night when all bearings are lost (Endless

Night); the questioning of reciprocity of feelings (One way Street); the fantasy of being made for one another (New Town); the lament of forgetting a former lover (Lord), and the breakup, as a rebirth (Lifetime). Five titles, refecting pure emotion, just like her.“I wanted a simple, direct message, one that would immediately plunge the listener into a similar emotional state to mine when I was writing the songs. I was thinking of Ready for the Times to Get Better by Doc Watson which goes straight to the heart without getting lost in metaphors.”

The sober and elegant arrangements of folk, country and bluegrass are enhanced by a selection of

renowned musicians: the drummer Philippe Entressangle (Zazie, Lou Doillon), the bassist Marcello Giuliani (Etienne Daho, Eric Truffaz), the organist Jessy Raharison. Additionally one of the special qualities brought to this production is the original sound of the pedal steel guitar as played by Alain Vazart.

BOBBIE’s talent fnds its roots in a childhood marked by the disappearance of her father. A music

lover himself, he left behind a vast vinyl collection of blues and jazz, recordings that were to form

her earliest musical memories. Her frst song as a singer-songwriter By My Side is dedicated to his


Her musical talent is already being recognised and she has collaborated on a number of projects

with a variety of artists on albums and flm.

BOBBIE has lent her voice to Michael Stevens – who contributed numerous Clint Eastwood flms

(Gran Torino, Invictus, Mystic River) – for the soundtrack of the Italian feature flm Variabile umana

(2013), where one of her original compositions is also acknowledged in the credits. She was also

chosen by the celebrated composer James Newton Howard (Hunger Games, Batman Begins,The Sixth Sense) to interpret The Hanging Tree, taken from the soundtrack of Hunger Games 3, on the stage of the Salle Pleyel (2017). In addition she has recently co-written two pieces with the composer Mathieu Lamboley (Minuscule, Le Retour du Héros, Libre et assoupi) for Caroline Fourest’s feature flm "Sisters in arms", which will be released in September 2019.

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